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PCI DSS Listing Information

PCI DSS packages limit the amount of listings a subscribed client can submit.  Listings are companies, company products or company departments and depending on your pci dss subscription you are able to submit a certain amount of listings.  (I.E. If you have subscribed to a pci dss Platinum Package you can submit 20 company listings, e.g. Company A Product 1; Company A, Product 2; Company A, Department 1; Company A Department 2; etc.).  This allows for multiple listings within the pci dss categories and better indexing of your business. The result being  improved SEO and increased corporate exposure.

PCI DSS Category Submissions

PCI DSS packages limit the amount of categories to which a subscribed client can add their listings.  Categories are the items listed under PCI DSS Solutions (E.G. PCI DSS Solutions – Requirement 1 – Firewall).  If you are  subscribed to the pcidss.com Platinum Package you can submit your company listing to an unlimited amount of categories as is described in our pricing table on www.pcidss.com.  Lower PCI DSS packages limit the category submission allowances but still allow for pci dss company submissions.


PCI DSS Pricing Information

PCI DSS pricing varies depending on marketing exposure you requires for you business.  There are 3 tiers of pricing: Free Listing, Gold Listing and Platinum Listing.  Details of the PCI DSS Subscriptions / Pricing can be viewed at https://pcidss.com.

PCI DSS Subscriptions

PCI DSS Subscriptions are annualised subscriptions based on the pci dss pricing package you have selected.

PCI DSS Terms of Service

PCI DSS Terms of Use are available at https://pcidss.com/pci-dss-terms-of-use/